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                Good news! Yuebei Technology has been recognized by Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center

                作者: 发表日期:2023年07月05日 点击次数:56

                ? ? ? Yuebei Technology has been recognized by the "Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center" for its outstanding achievements in comprehensive benefits, technological research and development strength, and high-quality development.

                ? ? ? The Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center is a research and development entity established by key scientific research institutions, high-tech enterprises at or above the city level, and higher education institutions with strong technological strength in relevant industries or fields in Nanjing. Its establishment aims to guide enterprises to further promote technological innovation and achievement transformation through the establishment of engineering research. The selection has strict requirements for the applicant's research and development site, number of research and development personnel, scale of funding investment, research and development equipment, and research and development business capabilities.

                ? ? ? ?This time, it has been recognized by the Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center, affirming Yuebei Technology's innovative ability in the field of polymer materials and strengthening its confidence in independent research and development and technological breakthroughs. In the future, Yuebei Technology firmly adheres to its vision - to forge a world-class brand of polymer alloy materials with dedication. And we continue to invest in high precision equipment in research and development, such as atomic spectrometer, electron microscope scanner, capillary Rheometer and other basic research equipment capabilities. We need to do both applied research and basic research well, striving to establish a national level technology research and development center, and build a good research environment and platform for research-oriented high-end talents. Contribute to the country's polymer material industry.

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