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                Annual fire drill

                作者: 发表日期:2022年06月09日 点击次数:339
                Annual fire drill
                In order to strengthen our daily safety work, so that the staff understand the basic knowledge of fire, increase security awareness, enhance the ability of self-protection and emergency handling of fire emergencies, we hold fire emergency drill in company’s? loading and unloading yard on 6th June, and all staff participate in the drill.
                The drill is divided into two parts: fire safety knowledge preach and practice. Through this drill, on the one hand, the problems existing in fire safety work are found, which provides a basis for the improvement and perfection of fire safety work in the future, on the other hand, it further strengthens the safety awareness of the company's employees and tests the feasibility and operability of the fire prevention plan, familiar with the emergency rescue process, emergency command coordination and processing ability to play a strong role in promoting, it provides practical experience and lays a solid foundation for efficient and orderly emergency work in the future.

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